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Slot Machine Types

There are generally two cash-paying slot machine types. First, there are straight slot machines and second, there are progressive, also known as linked, slot machines.

Straight slot machines always pay payout according to a predetermined payout table. This means that the slot machine pays the same amount every time a specific symbol combination is hit.

For example, a straight slot machine's payout table shows that a winning one coin bet will payout 800 coins, while a two coin bet pays out 1,600 coins and a three coin bet pays out a jackpot of 2,400 coins.

If player A bets three coins and wins, he gets 2,400 coins. If player B bets three coins and wins, player B also gets 2,400 coins. The payout is predetermined based on the payout table.

On the other hand, Progressive Slot Machines, as the name suggests, have progressive jackpots, meaning the jackpot progressively grows as more coins are put into the machine. How fast the jackpot grows depends on whether the slot machine's progressive jackpot is stand-alone, in-house or wide area.

Wide area progressive slot machine jackpots grow the fastest, and largest, because it is tied into a network of slot machines being played at multiple casinos at once.

In-house progressive jackpots grow faster since the jackpot builds from a network or bank of slot machines located within the casino.

Stand-alone progressive slot machine jackpots grow the slowest since the jackpot builds from a single machine.

All progressive slot machines display the accumulating jackpot on large colorful monitors typically located at the top or near the machine. When the progressive jackpot is hit, the amount automatically resets to a predetermined minimum jackpot, and will begin to build up again.

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